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 Bona  Camping  Rules


  1. Camping accepts and serves the guests from 8 am till 11 pm, seven days per week. Those who want to arrive or leave during closed hours should notify in advance for any exceptions.

  2. Those who have arrived with tents and campers pay accommodation fee in advance.

  3. If you have decided to prolong your stay in the camping, please be kind to report about your decision to reception staff till 12 o’clock, as well as to extend the time in the registration form and pay for the stay.

  4. Quiet hours – from 10 pm till 8 am. During this period only activities without noise are allowed. It is forbidden to listen to the loud music, to make noise, to drive with motorized vehicles on the camp territory.

  5. Persons under 16 years old are accepted to the camping only with adults.

  6. Parents or other individuals taking care of children are responsible for their children’s safety and behavior.

  7. Please supervise your children in showers, playgrounds, do not leave your children without attention at the camping area.

  8. From 12am till 1 pm toilets of the common use and showers of the camping are being cleaned.

  9. It is forbidden to use alcohol publicly at the camping area.

  10. It is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol for children of underage.       

  11. Vehicles are parked at the camping area at the specified location by the camping employee.

  12. Campsite provides parking places for campers, cars, motorcycles, bicycle and tent.

  13. The driving speed at the camping area is not greater than 10km/h.

  14. Persons visiting guests of the camping have to comply with “Bona Camp” rules.

  15. Domestic pets do not have to pose a threat to the campers, their peace, health and life. Pets have to wear muzzles and be on a leash at the camping area.

  16. Do not leave your pets alone without supervision at the camping area.

  17. Pet owners must collect pet’s excrement and throw them away to the container. Animal excrement bags can be purchased at the reception.     

  18. Do not create bonfires at an inaccessible location at the camping area, do not wash cars and protect vegetation.

  19. You can use barbecues at the camping area after agreement with the administration.

  20. Outdoor furniture is intended to be used by everyone.

  21. Please throw cigarettes only to metal outdoor trash bins located at the camping area.

  22. Camping administration is not responsible for lost things.

  23. If you will notice any suspicious persons, please report about them to the camp staff.

  24. When leaving the camp, please leave your place orderly: throw the garbage into the trash bin, firebrands from barbecues into special containers.  

  25. Persons who violate these rules will be asked to leave the camping area immediately.


* Parents or other care takers are responsible for children’s behavior and safety.


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