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   Places to visit

There are infinitely many interesting places to visit around Valkininkai region: historically braided hills, pine-covered mounds, mansions and monasteries which turned into ruins, and much more beautiful, wanting to tell their history, places.


Town of Valkininkai (10 minutes of walking or cycling) is located at junction of even three rivers. History of Valkininkai begins even from the XIV century. In town you can visit the church, built almost 200 years ago, walk along the cobbled square, which triangular form is very similar to the main Town Hall Square in Vilnius. You can examine the place where the Franciscan monastery was built,

a hunting castle of Bona Sforza.


For fans of homemade cheese we are able to buy cheese directly from the producer at Cheese producer’s house (10 minutes of walking or cycling), located next to the campsite.


For those who want to take a walk in the woods, to do cycling, canoeing or fishing - will also have all the possibilities to do so.

We can offer a paraglider flight for those who want to see the campsite from the bird’s-eye view, taking off just from the camp.

We also organize excursions to Trakai, where we will sail you to Trakai castle with yacht


Santaka park

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